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Engineering Services

Adage provides requirements engineering services to support progressive elaboration and implementation of large and complex information systems. Engineering requirements to develop enterprise applications is the most critical undertaken in any organization. It is a core discipline through which we define enhancements, design the architecture, and integrate new technologies that fit the targeted solution framework.

Requirements Engineering
We practice requirements engineering to support progressive elaboration, especially for large and complex information systems. In most business cases, we utilize Agile. In large scale engineering cases, we combine Agile with traditional SDLC methodologies (Yourdon, Pacbase, Waterfall). Typically, identifying requirements encompasses capturing needs, performing elicitations, validating, and simulating the target solution. We perform Business Process Modeling to depict process flows and user roles and illustrate improvements. Our team is experienced in developing requirements in layman language using industry-leading requirements management software. Our Analysis work covers various artifacts we produce (Use Cases, Flow Diagrams, Transition Diagrams, Test Cases, Specifications). We perform requirements elicitation using focus groups, interviews, sit visits, work sessions, questionnaires, and surveys. Typically, we manage requirements baselines, defects, and requirements traceability in a single environment otherwise across environments linking requirements to test cases to support automated testing.
Enterprise Applications
Our software engineering capabilities include Web Applications, Mobile Applications, and Streaming Applications. We develop and implement new applications, modernize legacy applications, and integrate new technologies in existing environments. Our experience in the joint venture SOCRATE gave us insight in innovative engineering of distributed systems integrating reservations for airline, railroad, boat cruise, car rental, and resort rentals in a single record. Our core team is experienced in deploying enterprise applications using multi-cloud and hybrid cloud architecture. 
Data Architecture
Our core team is well seasoned in the development of enterprise Datawarehouse and Data Lake. We integrate various data sources to support applications and data analysis. We implement data security features such as security alerts, role-based access control, obfuscation, encryption, automated procedures, algorithms. We design architecture that support advanced data analytics and data science.
Quality Assurance
Adage provides quality assurance and automated testing services to ensure products delivered meet or exceed requirements, compliance with procedures and regulations, alignment with standards and guidelines, adherence to service level agreements. We have experience utilizing industry-leading automated testing software. We manage test results to document defects and support the refining of requirements.