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Flag of Senegal


Senegal is a land of hospitality, known as "Teranga", with the Senegalese warrior spirit. There are many distinguishing features in Senegal. Politically, Senegal is a stable democracy with four consecutive presidents in 60+ years of independence. Senegal is the homeland of great intellectuals such as Cheikh Anta Diop and Birago Diop. The House of Slaves on Goree Island is a historical icon. Economically, Senegal is emerging in mining and energy sectors. The traditional wrestling box is uniquely popular. Senegalese Lions football team stunned the world in the 2002 world cup and is today’s leading African team. The so-called Jolof Rice is a mere copy of the Senegalese savory rice-and-fish national dish and holds its name from pre-colonial Jolof kingdom.



Services we provide to Senegal

Embassies of Senegal currently served:
VISA. Apply online for a visa to travel to Algeria for purposes pertaining to business, tourism, education, diplomatic, or religious matters.
Birth Certificate. Parents can request birth certificate transcripts for their children born abroad.
Travel Document. If you loose your passport or travel document, you can request an interim travel permit online.

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