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Enterprise Solutions

Our enterprise solutions address capabilities dedicated to process improvement, user experience, data analytics, and security:

Our Enterprise Solutions

We provide services to customers through comprehensive engagement terms that offer best value. We work with partners, often larger prime vendors, as a cohesive team. This allows us to serve public and commercial sectors in collaboration with other contractors. We support many government programs to modernize and enhance information systems in three service areas: enterprise solutions design, management support, and software engineering.

Designing advanced enterprise solutions is a core discipline through which we perform complete overhaul (business processes, applications, and data) as well as integration of new technologies for targeted enhancements.   
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
Our core team improves information systems with advanced algorithms and self-improving processing logic to leverage cognitive behaviors desired in enterprise applications.
Cloud & Mobile Computing
We support customers in the migration or modernization of legacy applications and data, whether it is a transformation of the existing infrastructure or a brand-new design. Our architectural design can be in-premise, Cloud, or hybrid multi-cloud. The choice of a monolithic or multi-hosting approach is made regarding policy restrictions, mandates, and business requirements.
Data Analytics
Our team uses data science to visualize enterprise data based on customer needs. Data with geolocation information allows us to visualize interactive maps and sophisticated dashboards. We ingest data using acceleration features, graph algorithms, and libraries of artifacts. Where necessary, we use data obfuscation to protect sensitive information.
Managed Services
We manage services to give customers comprehensive outsourcing of remote administration of their networks with high security and rapid response to technical incidents affecting endpoints and user community. Remote network administration and monitoring maintains good health of connected devices and rapid corrective action to anomalies.
Network Security
Adage provides services to protect sensitive information and access to enterprise infrastructure through monitoring, security patches, upgrades, and administration of user accounts and enterprise keys. Typically, we integrate single sign on (SSO) and Zero Trust capabilities with multi-factor authentication to secure enterprise applications and databases.